Prospector Crew Biographies and Job Descriptions

While we have been making our way across the Atlantic each of us has

taken some time to write our biographies and a description of what we

do on Prospector.  We have also listed the playing card Scotty Tompkins

has assigned to each of us, which we display in a name patch on our

crew jacket.  Only Scotty knows the meaning of the selection – address

all card related questions to him. 

Larry Landry Navigator/Tactician King of Spades

Larry was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts on and grew up in

Manchester, Massachusetts.   He graduated from Manchester High

School in 1974 and the University of Vermont in 1978.  While at UVM

he met his wife Toni, they have dated each other for 38 years and been

married for 31.  Larry and Toni have two sons and a daughter in law. 

Matthew, 29, who married Claire Jenkins last September, is onboard

Prospector for the TR2015.  He is a bowman and media officer.  Kit, 24,

will race with Larry once a year, just to keep his Dad happy.  Larry has

worked as an investment banker at JPMorgan and its various heritage

firms since 1978.  Larry has owned racing sailboats since 1982, starting

with Errant, a J24.   In 1989 the Landry family bought a J40, also named

Errant, which was cruised and successfully race by the family and their

friends until 2011.  In 2012 Larry bought White Witch, a King 40, which

has been raced extensively and successfully for the past four years. 

Several members of the White Witch crew are part of the crew for

Prospector.  Larry and Toni also race the Hulabor

(Hughes/Landry/Pribor) syndicate’s H12.5, Hulabor II, as part of the

Shelter Island Yacht Club’s H12.5 fleet.

Larry is Prospector’s navigator, tactician and onboard meteorologist. 

His primary responsibility is set a strategy and a course to make sure we

reach our destination, get there safely and get there faster than our


Paul McDowell Watch Captain King of Diamonds

Paul was born in London, England and raised in Douglaston, Queens

and Shelter Island, NY. His proudest academic achievement is

graduating from Tulane University. He also earned a law degree from

Boston University. He met his wife Susan while both lived in Newport

during its heyday in the 1980’s. They have been married since 1988 and

have two daughters, Brekke and Larsen and a French bulldog named

Indie. Paul started sailing at Shelter Island Yacht Club as a child

eventually becoming a sailing instructor at the club. In college Paul

sailed intercollegiately at Tulane. After college he migrated to sailing

offshore race boats while living in Newport. Paul currently works as an

executive at public real estate investment trust but has dreams of

becoming a goat farmer as he likes the way they smell.

Onboard Prospector Paul is one of the watch captains and a principal



Colette Storck Queen of the Interior  Queen of Hearts

Colette grew up in Huntington, New York. She is the oldest of 10

children, Captain Tery being number 9. Though she had done a little bit

of sailing, she really became involved in big boat sailing when she met

John Storck, around 1980

 While doing a lot of Long Island Sound bouy and distance racing on the

Storck family Ericson 39, Jonrob, Colette became navigator, cockpit

crew, chief sandwich maker and cook on the distance races.

John and Colette were married in 1982. They continued to race and

cruise the Jonrob as their family grew. They have 4 children, all of

whom are as passionate about sailing as their father. They all became

extremely involved in junior sailing at a high level and seemed to enjoy

it very much. Colette spent many years driving dinghies up and down

the east coast, and beyond, as John raced his J80 Rumor. They also all

sailed in college. John won College Nationals, coed & team racing with

his HWS team in 2005, he then coached Dartmouth sailing for 9 years.

Kaity was Women College sailor of the year in 2008. She also sailed the

Transatlantic race in 2011. After college, Erik went on to campaign a

49er for the 2012 Olympics. He and his crew, Trevor Moore, were 15th

at the Olympics in Weymouth.   

Two of John & Colette’s children are married. Erik married Aly

Whitehead in Oct. 2013. Kaity and Baker Potts were married June,

2014. John will marry Emily Anderson this October. Ian, just graduated

from Dartmouth. They are very excited to meet their first grandchild, as

Erik and Aly are expecting a son in November. 

Onboard Job Chef de Cuisine

Colette would tell you that her job is boiling water.  Boiling water to

make freeze dried meals or for coffee.  But that way undersells what

Colette does.  Good meals and healthy snacks are the fuel that keeps us

going.  They are a critical component of maintaining crew morale.  Over

the last year as we have campaigned Prospector or delivered her to or

from race venues, the Prospector crew have become pretty discerning

consumers of freeze dried meals.  Straight out of the box they can be

pretty tough to take.  Colette has experimented with various

combinations of things to add to each meal to make it actually edible. 

After dinner she makes sure to leave out leftovers for her raccoons to

snack on overnight. She also has a wide array of fruit and snacks to

keep us going through the day or night.  Nothing beats a cold piece of

fruit such as, pineapple, apples, oranges or grapes, or a cold glass of

juice when you are hot and tired and need a pick me up.  We also have

on board a wide array of candies, snack bars and energy foods.

Colette also does all of our provisioning, taking a big burden off her

brother Tery.  It is no small task to shop, sort and stock every type of

domestic foodstuff or necessity for 14 wise guys on a 60 foot race boat.

Finally, and most importantly, Colette looks after us.  Believe me, we

need a lot of looking after.  She keeps track of who has and hasn’t

eaten, making sure every one of us gets fed.  Whenever one of us

needs something, Colette makes sure we get it.

Her job is miserable.  Looking after 14 rambunctious, opinionated,

smelly guys.  When she is boiling water the heat and humidity below

decks becomes intolerable, yet she tolerates it with her usual cheerful

demeanor.  Colette is also tough as nails.  Much tougher than any of

the rest of us.  She is almost always below decks, even in the roughest

conditions, and never, ever is seasick.  The rest of us will all be lining up

for Dr. Dave for seasickness meds.

 Colette is a saint.  We would be lost without her.

Tery Glackin     Boat Captain    King of Hearts (the Suicide King)

Tery was born and raised in Huntington NY.  He is the 9th in a family of

ten. He learned the love of sailing at an early age when older siblings

took him sailing on some of the big boats they raced on.  Tery quickly

forged a love of racing as it was his best avenue to sail, and as a 6’ 14yr

old, excelled at the position of foredeck.  Campaigning first a Pearson

Flyer then a J/35, Tery quickly built a resume that would gain him many

rides on a variety of boats in numerous races. These high level events

were both offshore and buoy racing.  After a short stint of being a stock

broker on Wall Street after college, Tery ventured out to find his way in

the sport he loved.  Tery sailed professionally form 1994 to 2002.  It

was in 1999 that he started a sailing industry business that managed

small to mid-size grand prix race boats.  His business, Fast Track, grew

in popularity and he learned a great deal about running a business and

managing not only boats but people as well.

Tery returned to the financial world in 2006 and is presently 50%

partner in Aquidneck Wealth Management which has $45M assets

under management.

Tery’s primary interest is being a good and loving partner with his wife

Mary and a great father to his two kids, Finn (6) and Ellie (3). They live

in Jamestown RI and the whole family can either be found on the water

in season or on the slopes at the Glackin Family Ski house in the winter.

When not home with his family or at the day job with AWM, Tery has

stayed involved with boats by running White Witch, Larry Landry’s King

40.  It is through this arrangement that he has the opportunity to be on

the Prospector Crew.  White Witch is also home to the yearly Glackin

family cruise.

Onboard Job  - Chief Cat Herder (Safety Officer, Crew Boss, and chief

physical plant attendant) and ESU

Tery’s primary objective is to keep Prospector‘s amazing crew safe at all

times. Much of that role was done prior to the start of the TR through

training, crew selection and equipment purchases.  This role continues

on board hourly as well.   His second goal is to keep Prospector

functioning at the highest level and to effect repairs quickly and

effectively as possible.  Also and of nearly equal importance, Tery

consults and contributes to the over-all game plan decisions. Then is

responsible for executing those maneuvers with the crew. Lastly, Tery is

the ESU (Emergency Services Unit) and is called upon to lead the charge

to douse the proverbal fires as they arise (usually when Paul and Henry

are on watch together).

Tim Keyworth Main Trim/Helm 3 of Clubs

Tim was born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland and started sailing on

the Chesapeake Bay with his father Will at age 6. Tim was introduced to

offshore sailing in 1984 at the age of 15 spending a summer with his

uncle Mike on Nirvana racing in the Pan Am Clipper cup in Hawaii. 

During college Tim moved to New Haven CT and finished his education

at SCSU in New Haven.  He resides in Deep River CT, with his wife

Maureen and daughter Addison (10). Tim has raced competitively both

around the buoys and offshore all his life in various one design -and big

boat campaigns.

On board Prospector Tim’s primary role is trimming and driving.  He is

also the crew foreman for his watch.  Finally, Tim serves as a tactical

sounding board for Paul and Larry.

Jeff Hughes Trimmer/Helm Jack of Diamonds

Jeff was born in New Jersey, graduated from Villanova University and

attended New York University Graduate School of Business.  He spent

32 years working at Merrill Lynch in various management positions

before retiring in 2005.  He serves on several boards and is an Advisor

to The Olayan Group in NYC.

Probably the most important part of his early childhood was spending

summers in Southampton, N.Y. were he learned a love of the water,

boating, and sailing.  He also met his wife of 42 years, Karen during

those glorious summers and they have two wonderful children –

Andrew, 32, who is married to Eliza Johnson and lives in San Francisco –

and Alexandra, 30, who is a teacher in Aspen, Colorado.

Karen and Jeff bought a J-24 in 1980 and have since owned several

Little Harbor sailboats before building a custom 64ft Pilothouse Sloop

designed by Ted Hood and built by Lyman Morse [all named Amelia]. 

Despite several Bermuda Races, a Marblehead Halifax Race and an

Annapolis Newport Race, cruising (and exploring) has been much more

a part of the Hughes Family sailing agenda than racing, so the TR 2015

is quite an experience for Jeff.

Jeff’s primary responsibilities on Prospector are main trim, grinding

winches, driving the boat, and posing as an elder statesman.

Andrew Wolf Lead Grinder  Ace of Diamonds

Andrew hails from Greenport, New York. His wife Heather and their

children Lena and Drew are active members of SIYC and sail for fun as

well as competitively in club one-design and handicap fleets. Heather

and Andrew currently co-chair SIYC’s Junior Sailing Program and

Andrew is a director for the regional organizing entity for junior sailing.

When not thinking about sailing adventures Andrew plies his trade in

the financial risk technology field. His career has included stints

throughout the US, Europe and most importantly South Africa where he

and Heather initially met.

As a member and former commodore of Greenport’s storied Chinese

Yacht Club Andrew worked with a group of local sailors to restore the

Brooklyn Ocean Challenge Cup to competition in 2007. The Cup

originally deeded in 1904 by the commodore of the Brooklyn Yacht Club

to promote small boat ocean racing is one of Long Island Sound’s most

illustrious cups. It is now the featured prize in the annual Greenport

Ocean Race which has become an epic October “gear buster”

originating in Greenport and circumnavigating Block Island. 

Without question one of the most fortuitous turn of events in Andrew’s

sailing career was a casual invite to join Landry Racing for an SIYC

round-the-island race. His entire family, dubbed the “Wolf Pack” have

enjoyed several outrageous seasons with Team White Witch. This has

included countless sessions dubbed “chapters” in the “Glackin Way”. 

All of this has led to Andrew joining the Prospector Campaign en-route

to Cowes.

Andrew is the lead grinder aboard Prospector which fundamentally

entails keeping the younger more gullible crew spinning the bikes. He is

also an honorary member of Tery’s “MacGyver crew”.

Lucien Moore Mast/Grinder  Four of Clubs

Lucien was born in Paris France, and while raised in Chester CT enjoyed

many trips back to various parts of France during his upbringing. This

trips where mainly involving sailing which he started at age four under

the tutelage of his father and grandfather both lifelong sailors and

racers. After years of dinghy sailing from lasers, 470s and skiffs Lucien

moved into the sport boat and big boat racing scene while attending

the San Francisco State University. After deciding to commit to a career

in the marine industry Lucien moved to Newport Rhode Island and

graduated the Boatbuilding and Restoration program at the

International Yacht Restoration School in 2012. Now employed at

Carbon Ocean Yachts in Bristol RI and finishing a Technology leadership

and management degree at Roger Williams University, Lucien continues

to focus on his passion for offshore racing. I am also infatuated with

beanie babies and Scott Tompkins

Onboard Prospector Lucien is the mast man, grinder, boat builder and

general mover of things too heavy for the old guys to lift.

Scott Tompkins Mate/Grinder/Helm/Sailmaker Jack of Spades

Scott (native species: North Atlantic Boat Raccoon) was born in New

York City and grew up in White Plains, New York.  He learned to sail in

dinghies on Western Long Island Sound. At the age of 14 he jumped

into big boat racing and continued on through college while at Fort

Schuyler. When Scotty is not out on the water he enjoys hunting,

fishing, woodworking, surfing and wrenching on his 83’ 300D Mercedes. 

His ancestor, Daniel D. Tompkins, served as the fourth Vice President of

the United States.

Scotty is Prospector’s mate. His job entails everything from running the

bow to driving and servicing the boat. Other areas of responsibility

primarily include hydraulics and sail repair.

Dr. Dave" Siwicki, M.D. Pit/Ships Physician Jack of Clubs

David was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania with his sister and

two brothers. He attended St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA then lived

in the West Indies where he obtained his M.D. degree. Dr. Dave retired

in 2010 after practicing emergency medicine for 25 years. He co-

founded Dominion Diagnostics, a national toxicology laboratory

headquartered in North Kingstown, RI.

Dr. Dave's attraction to sailing began in Newport in 1987, racing J24's

and cruising Narragansett Bay. He has participated in a multitude of

offshore races and is a member of several sailing organizations.

He was lucky enough to meet Jeannine in RI and they were married in

1997. They live in Jamestown, RI and enjoy outdoor sports, traveling

and spending time on their boat with daughters Grace, 15 and Faith,

13. Grace attends Moses Brown in Providence and Faith will graduate

from St. Michaels School in Newport next year.

Dr. Dave's position on Prospector is Pit and Ship's Physician. Having

spent a week on Prospector, he has requested that one of his

psychiatrist colleagues meet him in Cowes to help him further evaluate

his fellow crew members and make treatment recommendations for


Brendan Brownyard Watch Captain King of Clubs:

Bruce Lawrence Bow (Lucky) 7 of Spades

Bruce resides with his wife Chantal in Westbrook, Ct.  He is a partner in

a residential construction company.  Bruce began sailing in and around

the Essex, Ct area as a teen.  He had the great fortune to start sailing

with one of his friends father Dr.  Bardenheier on the families boat at

Block Island Race week.  Since then there have been lots of inshore

racing and lots of offshore racing.

Bruce’s main responsibility on the boat is as a bowman.  He also fills in

grinding, trimming, and driving.

Quinn Tobin Pit Ace of Spades

Quinn was born in Chicago, IL and moved to Newport, RI at the age of

five.  He started sailing at a young age when his single mother decided

the Ida Lewis Yacht Club Junior Program was a good place to keep him

occupied during the summer months.  He sailed dinghies and small

keelboats in college as a member of the University of Vermont sailing


Following a four year sojourn to Jackson Hole, WY, Quinn reconnected

with sailing when he went to work for Tery Glackin at Fast Track Yacht

Management.  In 2004 he moved to Annapolis, MD to run the shop at

Chesapeake Rigging, where he honed his splicing and rigging skills.

Quinn comes to the Prospector team after four years of managing the

highly successful DownTime program, a Mills 40 with whom he has won

an IRC North American Championship, a US IRC Championship, a NYYC

Annual Regatta Overall title, with class wins at Block Island Race Week,

NYYC’s Race Week at Newport and the IRC Championship of Long Island

Sound.  As the preparateur and rigger aboard Prospector, Quinn’s

duties include the care and maintenance of all standing and running

rigging, winches, deck hardware, and other equipment.  His shoreside

responsibilities include logistics, nipper management, and assisting Tery

as Deputy Cat Herder.  His primary sailing position is in the Pit, but the

versatile all-rounder can be found anywhere on deck from the bow to

the helm. He is an exceptionally versatile linguist.

Quinn lives in Newport, RI with his lovely fiancée Samantha and their

beautiful daughter Charlie.

Henry Little Main Trimmer The Joker

Henry Little was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts while his father was

attending Harvard Business School.  He grew up in Greenwich,

Connecticut and attended high school in Wilton, New Hampshire.  He

learned to sail in Christmas Cove, Maine where he spent his summers,

with his parents and his two sisters, Meg and Ann.  Henry attended

NYU, but attending college conflicted with his growing sailing career

which was centered in Newport, Rhode Island during its heyday in the

late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  In 1977 Henry began his career as a

sailmaker, joining Bill Shore at Shore Sails and moved to Newport full

time.  He stayed with Shore Sails until 1990 when he joined Sobstad

Sails.  In 1996 North Sails acquired Sobstad’s Newport Loft and Henry

remains at North today.  In 1990 Henry married his wife, Karla, from

Buffalo, New York who he had met at the Newport boat show.  Karla

and Henry have one daughter, Molly, 16, who attends Tabor Academy. 

Molly is an All American High School lacrosse player who has been

recruited to play Division 1 collegiate lacrosse at the University of

Vermont.  Go Cats!

Henry is the sailmaker for both the Prospector and White Witch

programs.  Onboard Prospector his primary role is Main Trimmer, but

he is also one of our strongest Helmsmen.  He is, by far, our most

experienced offshore sailor.  He has completed 20 Newport to Bermuda

races, and participated in virtually every major US sailing event and

several International events.  In the early 1990s he sailed on Prospector

in her Carrera iteration.  His knowledge of the boat is invaluable to the

Prospector team.  Henry entertains the crew with a seemingly endless

supply of sailing stories involving legendary yachts and sailors drawn

from his vast experiences.  In addition to his trimming responsibilities

Henry also oversees all sail repairs on Prospector with his young

apprentice Scotty Tompkins.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly,

Henry serves our Consigliere, no major decision onboard is made

without his input.  Henry is a terrific shipmate and an all around great


Matthew Landry Bow/Media Officer 2 of Hearts

Matthew Landry first appeared on the Earth September 14, 1532 when

he emerged from the fiery depths of an undersea volcano buried

beneath the polar ice caps.  It was a momentous occasion, celebrated

by many cultures on many planets.  Currently, he wanders the universe

righting wrongs with his telekinetic powers, and razor sharp sense of

justice.  He also has a photogenic memory.  In his free time, Matt

practices taxidermy, and specializes in reanimating dinosaur fossils he

finds during his walks in Central Park, NY and the Gobi Desert.  This has

caused problems with the neighbors lately, as they dislike the smell of

formaldehyde and the scratch marks left on their doors by Triceratops

babies.  Needless to say, the landlord is not impressed.  On board, Matt

is responsible for creating empty candy wrappers of all varieties as well

as vigorous tooth brushings and pyramid schemes.  The crew

appreciates his upbeat attitude and general senses of positivity.  In a

survey, 13 out of 14 crewmates said he was “an all-around good-guy.” 

The 14th person was Larry, who merely commented “Why are we not

talking about me?”