Transatlantic Race 2015 Crew Set

The crew for the TR2015 has been finalized.  We will be sailing with a complement of 15, the same as Annapolis to Newport.  There will be only one change in the crew roster from A2N with Jeff Hughes replacing Jeff Pribor.  We will miss you Jeffie, but there is still time for you to change your mind!

The full crew roster for the TR2015 is:

Larry Landry, Navigator/Tactician

Paul McDowell, Watch Captain

Brendan Brownyard, Watch Captain

Dave Siwicki, Pit/Medical Officer

Jeff Hughes, Helm/Trimmer

Tery Glackin, Boat Captain

Quinn Tobin, First Mate

Matthew Landry, Bow

Bruce Lawrence, Bow

Henry Little, Mainsail Trimmer

Tim Keyworth, Mainsail Trimmer

Andrew Wolf, Trimmer

Scott Tompkins, Mast/Trimmer

Lucien Moore, Mast/Trimmer

Colette Storck, Queen of the Interior