Tracking Tips from the NYYC

How to Follow the Competition

Race Tracking

Each yacht is equipped with a YB tracking device, which will enable anyone with a computer, tablet, or smart photo to follow, in real-­‐time, the progress of individual yachts, a single class, or the entire fleet during the Transatlantic Race 2015.

The tracker can be found here: (it will be active 24 hours before the first start, June 28 at 1400 EDT).

You can also view the tracker on a tablet or smart phone. You must first download the YB Races app, then within the app, add the TR2015 race. There is no charge to follow this race.

Apple iTunes:­‐races/id452193682?mt=8

Google Play/Android:

Race Media

The race’s media team will be cranking out daily reports, along with photo galleries and videos from the starts and finishes, in addition to whatever images we receive from the boats during the race. You can find our media at the following locations:


Boat Blogs:­‐06-­‐15-­‐18-­‐55-­‐58/boat-­‐blogs

Facebook Page: Handle: @TransatlantRace Instagram: @nyyc_regattas

Hashtag: Tag Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts with the #TR2015 and we’re more likely to see them and promote them through our social media feeds.