From The Deck of Prospector 13 July 2015 XXXXZ

From The Deck of Prospector 13 July 2015 XXXXZ


At 0333:02Z on 13 July 2015 the mighty Prospector and her indomitable

crew of 15 crossed the finish line at The Lizard in Cornwall, England to

finish the 2015 Transatlantic Race.

The second yacht to cross the finish line in her 10 boat class, Prospector

was the ninth of 38 monohulls and tenth of forty yachts to finish in the

TR2015 fleet. 

Preliminary predicted, provisional standings have Prospector correcting

to third place in IRC 3.  She is currently the leader in the clubhouse for

the IRC3 fleet with the two yachts ahead of her still out on the course. 

We are ecstatic with these results.

Our Transatlantic Race is over.  It is very surreal to write such a thing

after two years of planning and 3,000 miles sailed.  The entire crew is

thrilled to have finished the race, an accomplishment to be proud of for

the rest of our lives.

Now, it is on to the 164 nautical mile Coastal Race to Cowes.  Many of

us have family eagerly awaiting us in Cowes.  They will watch us cross

the final finish line from the Royal Yacht Squadron, meet us at the dock

and join us for what promises to be an epic party.