From The Deck Of Prospector 08 July 2015 1030Z

With our minimalist triple reef and J5 sail plan we pushed on through the night.  As advertised weather conditions eased as the night wore on.  By 0400z we were underpowered in 25 knot winds and a settling sea.  We debated changing to a more powerful sail combination.  Ultimately we decided to hold off on any sail changes until daybreak.  Underpowered as we were, we were still gaining on our competition because we were in stronger wind. 

At 0600, as the sun rose silhouetted by of the cold front that had passed over us during the night.  Though a few squalls remained about in the cold front’s wake, they were leaving us alone and it was time to be less conservative. First Lindsay Vonn (the J5) came down and the Jib top went up.  It was shortly followed by the Genoa Staysail which Scotty had expertly repaired.  Finally we began unwinding the reefs, one at a time, until we were back in a full main. 

It is gorgeous out here this morning.  We are in 25 knots of wind at 250 true.  The sea has settled down.  The crew, in great spirits after a difficult 18 hours, are settling back in to their normal routines.

Colette made us a breakfast skillet, which most ate on deck.  Larry had a pre breakfast surf fest, freed to play with the waves again in the calmer conditions.

We are back on the attack again.