8 September AM update

Racing was abandoned yesterday due to a northerly gale and rough seas. 

Here is a link to the Regatta write up of yesterday's decision to abandon racing:


Most of the Prospector team took advantage of the early lay day with a range of activities, tennis, walks, around Porto Cervo, drives to other towns in northern Sardinia or tending to work.  The travel squad of 16 had an amazing lunch in a restaurant on the beach in Porto Pollo.  Very reminiscent of our Nikki Beach outing in St Barths at 1/10th the cost!

Tery, Quinn, Lucien, Scotty, Dave Scott and Dave Tank went to Portisco and worked on the boat.  On a 68 foot high performance sail boat the work list is endless.

Knowing we faced a long day on the water with potentially two races, everyone headed to bed early to rest up.

The evening highlight was a private concert performance at the villa by Peter Isler and Robbie Kane.  A great wrap up to a great day.

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