San Diego to Puerto Vallarta

Continuing Prospector’s year of Pacific domination, the team is gearing up for the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race, a 1,000nm run down the Mexican coast.  Given the current forecast (full detail below), navigator Larry Landry has placed the over/under at a 3.5 day race, so the team is aiming for tacos and tequila somewhere between March 6 and 7.  

Prospector is competing in Division 1, featuring speedy 52 footers Bad Pak, Patches and Vincitore as well as Manouch Moshayedi’s Rio 100, who holds the course record of 3 days and 5 hours set in 2016.

As always, the team will post updates from the course here at, and other stories can be found at the race website  You can follow the team’s progress at the race tracker here, and as always tune in to the @prospectorsailing instagram for a glimpse of life on board.


Weather Briefing From Larry Landry, Navigator:   Still a little early to be certain but, it looks like we we will start in a 10-12kt westerly that will shift right to NW and build to 15-20kts.  Temps in  low 60's during the day and dropping to low 50s at night.  As we move down the track winds will hold at NW 15-20 and temps will climb to high 60s.  From Cabo to PV winds will shift to N and get light, 5-10kts and them shift back to NW at 15kts ish and temps will climb to 70-80.

Latest routing suggest 3.5 day race.